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You are EU

Freedom, Peace and Energy Independence

We can do this together

Democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance, and solidarity. These are the European values that unite us. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has also shown that our democracy, our economy, and our energy independence are closely intertwined. Let’s ensure together that we have clean, renewable energy – made in Europe. It is only with a united effort that we can achieve these goals. Stand up for our values to protect your and your family’s future, the climate and the planet.

You are EU!


The meaning of 'You are EU'

'You are EU' is an invitation for all Europeans to join in and help transform our challenges into building a better future with clean energy made in Europe. We can rely on our strength, which we draw from our common wish to shape the world we live in. 'You are EU' is our pledge as Europeans where each of our contributions count. 'You are EU' is a statement that we can jointly move towards clean and homegrown energy. 'You are EU' is a reminder that there is a lot to do, but that we can do it together for the sake of future generations. Our children and grandchildren sharpen our focus on the path ahead and our common goal - the preservation of our democracy, economy, and our peaceful and independent Union.

For Europe – now more than ever - solidarity is destiny. The more we stand together, the more unity we show, the more we can emerge from the year ahead as a stronger Union and the better we can prepare the world of tomorrow.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission

Each of You are EU

'You are EU' activates, inspires, and speaks to people from all EU countries. 'You are EU' empowers us as it unites our values with the idea of transformation. It connects us as Europeans. At the same time, it provides us with a direction for the future. It adds a forward-thinking dimension to who we are and allows us to actively shape the path ahead based on freedom, peace and solidarity with clean, independent energy sources. Each of You are EU.